Have you guys picked up that I like rugby yet?
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First off, thanks for bearing with me as I moved. Life is a little hectic as I'm getting adjusted to Zambia so posts may still be a little sporatic. Also remember, I'm transitioning over to [ http://joelwitwer.wordpress.com/ ] so head on over there and bookmark that sucker! Or add it to you feedly (a rad google reader replacement). Right now there is content up that was never posted here.


Thanks for bearing with the roughly two months of no posts. I've been in Iceland for a good 5 weeks of the lapse and now I'm currently packing up my life and moving to Zambia for a year. I'll try and keep the posts coming, but they may be a bit sporadic for the next month.

Also, I'm moving this blog over to joelwitwer.wordpress.com. I'll be double posting both here and the wordpress site until the end of August, but you should start using the wordpress one from now on!

Glad to be back,



This is just plain fantastic!


How about a music video filmed completely on the International Space Station?!


Mother's Day was a while ago, but this video is great no matter what day it is.